Friday, 13 June 2014


This way danger lies!
The beast, not vanquished,
But cowed into brief submission,
Lies asleep.

Not of flesh and blood, but
Vaporous and far more
Perilous to those who would
Venture near,

It waits. It waits and patiently,
It bides its time, until the moment
Comes to rear its fearsome
Foulsome head.

I will be swallowed whole,
In vengeance for my sin,
My foolhardy spell, cast
To grant me

Peace. That magic, alas,
Was too impermanent and
I, too sure of myself, must
Accept my

Fate. In penance for my
Folly, I will never know
Whether I have slid into
The belly

Of the beast, or the beast
Is somehow deep within
My being, hid, unchecked,
Inside me.

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