Tuesday, 10 December 2013

End of Days, Part I

I have seen the end of our race
Crying men, chasing bloody oil
Their grandiosity not enough
To heal the open wounds
That they have wrought
On ground made unholy
By screaming desperate struggles
To come out on top
And angels themselves have
Ceased to guard these men who
Have no idea of how to gaze
With love on the creation
That they swore was above
All else and worth the fight

They have lost their own salvation
And now they are coming
To snatch it away from the
Shrunken hands of starving
Mothers whose children
Have been sacrificed to the
God of progress

They believe unfailingly
That they will be clean
And the stains that
Soak through their skin
To their very being have
Been hard won
They believe that
They will wash away when
They come to ask for
Their reward and they will be
Children again

But they were never children,
Only prototypes of their savage
Future selves, waiting to
Let loose the greatest devastation
Of an age and drown their
Own wicked emptiness, for they
Were made ready in the womb
To cut the throats of infants and
Never cast a backward eye
On the ruined women they
Left behind, calling them
Collateral damage

I have seen the battle scars
Left by men who would shred
The flesh of weaker mortals
To satisfy their blood lust
From behind the solid walls
Where they give their orders
To the hardened, haunted youth
Brought in from hungry streets
And promised hope
Decried for their vicious ways
By hypocrites whose eyes
See nothing but the feted
Bottom line

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