Tuesday, 10 December 2013

End of Days, Part II

As you sit breathing in
The foetid urine stink
Of the city evening
You find yourself guilty
For thinking your plight
To be worse than others'
And a million million
Big wet eyes well up
At you in the dark
And give you hell
With the tale of their hell
All broken limbs
And stories of desolation
With no self pity
In their silent song
They weep inside you
You coward
You soft, weak puppy
You coddled child
You remonstrate with yourself
But you know
You'll do the same
Nothing you always do
And time is slipping
More quickly than you'd like
Into the swirling sucking drain
Beneath your feet
And your safe city night
Races on around you
Your snarling serpent train
Winding on and on and on
And you feel the hands
Of a million million million
Doomed denizens of
The same planet as you
Albeit a different world
Begging you to
Pull them free
But you kick them away
Still chained to your own
Pedestrian woes
And in the blink
Of the blink of the
Yellow sulphurous light
You let them go

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