Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hymn to the Sea

I entered this in a competition, and, surprise surprise, it didn't win. So here it is:

O, sea! Seat of my soul's
deepest repose.
Infinite memory lives in your
boundless body.
Home and homeless, you call me
ever back, O sea,
and bend me to your self.
Guileless lover, you keep me in your
heartless heart.
No respecter of station, you bear me up
on savage hands,
a queen.
Swallow me whole, O sea, and take me
to your depthless deep.
Your froth and foam console me, sea,
your icy waves my rest.
Wrap your briny fingers about my ankles,
unseat me, sea,
and pull me to your bosom.
Endless, ageless, king, what torment
writhes beneath you.
Careless of uncouth men, you kill,
unconcerned and unconfined,
but timeless, onwards flow.
Rage as you will, O peerless sea, but still
you make my chaos still.

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