Saturday, 2 August 2014


I've been experimenting recently with layout, and how it can change the way a poem is read: it can completely alter the tone, cadence and feel of it, and I really enjoy that idea. Below is a very quick poem, entitled Trick, which is an example of this experimentation, plus a (slightly rubbish) recording of how it should be read. I'd do another video, but I'm running solely on caffeine right now and I'm not fit to be seen.

I’ve learned the
of you.
I’ve mastered it,
there’s nothing
to it. I know
all there is to know.
You thought me
so unfit, but
I’ve got you
beat, my friend,
Because I’ve found
the steps
ahead of steps
The way to make it
The lines between
The empty whiteness
of blank
chasms, opened
For the filling
with words
You imagine I might have
said. That
is the trick,
I know, to fool you
into faith. Oh,
what have I done,
You’ll say, but unshakeable
I’m in those spaces. That’s
the trick, and unshakeable
You’re full of me.

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