Sunday, 13 April 2014


I gaze upon
Your lumpen breasts
Your domed stomach
And big, shining eyes
And wide
Childbearing hips
And I wonder
Are you beautiful
Are you what a woman
Should be
And if so, what am I
Where do I fall
And where do I rise
You are curved
And soft and your skin
Is smooth like amber
You are sweet and good
And pure and true
Is this what a woman
Should be
I look at you
And I think of
What someone wise
Once asked of me
Don't you think
All women are beautiful
And I answered in my
Adolescent omniscience
Most vehemently, no
And now I look at you
All ripples and dimples
And everything
That the movies tell you
Not to be
And I wonder
If I've been wrong
To be so unkind
To my sex,
All these years
And if so
So then
What am I

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