Sunday, 13 April 2014

Knight in Shining Micra

[FULL DISCLOSURE: Husband actually drives an Audi, but I thought Micra sounded better.]

I like to think of you
Snoozing gently
Open mouthed
In front of the telly
Football, or snooker
Or something
Equally inoffensive
While I'm out here
Out in the dark of night
Wide awake and wide
Eyed, and full of
Mad, sad, bad thoughts
But yours still
You, level headed
And king of good decisions
And I, anything but
But you always come
To get me, to take me away
To rescue me from myself
And I love you, darling
Knight in shining Micra
Be always mine, my dearest
And keep me safe
Save me from my silly ways
Always, and I, for my part
Will try my best
To be what you deserve

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