Sunday, 13 April 2014

Everything is Bullshit

I don't like the way you walk
I don't like the way you talk
Or the way you dress
Or the way you act
Or think or are
But damn if you don't
Get the love
From every corner
Every living thing
Oozes tumultuous,
Uncontrollable worship
When you stroll by
And that's what
Pisses me off
Yes, I'm the bitterest lemon
I'm the sourest grape
But I just hate the way
They celebrate you
Just for being you
They treat you like a rock star
And maybe you are
Maybe you deserve it
Maybe you deserve
Everything they throw at you
All the admiration
All the wild adoration
Because you've got it right
And I've got it wrong
The way I walk
The way I talk
The way I dress
The way I act
And think and am
Doesn't fit
Because everything is bullshit
In some form or other
But you've got the right kind
Of bullshit
And all I've got
Is me

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